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Daily Schedules

ASBA Indians53
Sun@ USA Volkers Group10:00 amCL4W5
Mon@ Asheville Sox01:45 pmJB3W7
TueTSP Fire01:45 pmCP-SW12
WedMichigan Stars10:00 amCL4L8
ThuSacramento Solons10:00 amPDC4L16
FriMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amPDC1W8
FriYoungstown Astros01:30 pmPDC5W10
SatSan Antonio Texans10:00 amTP4L17
Asheville Sox63
Sun@ Kent Mudhens10:00 amTP2W6
Mon@ St. Louis Braves10:00 amJB-SW3
MonASBA Indians01:45 pmJB3L12
WedUSA Volkers Group10:00 amPDC3L18
ThuHouston Colt .65s10:00 amPDC2W3
FriNaturals10:00 amJB1W1
FriMichigan Stars01:30 pmJB5W4
SatRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amTP2W3
SatSan Antonio Texans01:30 pmTP-SL18
Baltimore Baseball Club15
Sun@ Philadelphia Brewers10:00 amJB3L16
Mon@ Livingston Dodgers01:45 pmJB6L16
TueMinnesota Bees10:00 amCL2L11
WedNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amTP-SW12
ThuKent Mudhens10:00 amJB-SL14
FriKenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amCSP5L12
Cincinnati Colt .45s35
SunNaturals10:00 amTP-SL10
Mon@ NorCal Antiques10:00 amJB6W3
Tue@ MBI Baseball10:00 amCL6L17
WedWashington Titans10:00 amCL2L23
ThuKenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amPDC1L10
FriPotomac Senators10:00 amCSP4W4
FriSt Louis Braves01:30 pmCSP5W8
SatHouston Colt .65s10:00 amPDC4L20
DHBA Athletics42
Sun@ Wilmington NC Thunder10:00 amPDC1W10
MonNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amPDC4W5
TueSilver Foxes BBC of R. I.10:00 amPDC3W10
Wed@ Potomac Senators10:00 amCP-SL8
ThuMichigan Stars10:00 amCL6W1
FriToledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amJB-SL9
Houston Colt .65s44
Sun@ Midwest Nine10:00 amJB-SW3
SunMBI Baseball01:45 pmJB4L19
MonMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amJB2L13
Tue@ Toledo McGuire Ins10:00 amJB6W7
ThuAsheville Sox10:00 amPDC2L13
FriNorCal Antiques01:30 pmCSP2W21
SatCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amPDC4W5
SatPhiladelphia Brewers01:30 pmPDC5L11
Kenmore Eastern Brewers34
SunNorCal Antiques10:00 amPDC5L13
Sun@ Lehigh Baseball01:45 pmCP-SW3
Mon@ Naturals01:45 pmCL3L25
TueRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amTP4L20
ThuCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amPDC1W4
FriBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 amCSP5W6
FriPhiladelphia Brewers01:30 pmCSP4L14
Kent Mudhens24
SunAsheville Sox10:00 amTP2L11
Sun@ St. Louis Braves01:45 pmTP3L13
Mon@ USA Volkers Group10:00 amJB3W6
WedVintages Baseball Club10:00 amCL6L9
ThuBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 amJB-SW6
FriYoungstown Astros10:00 amCP-SL11
Lehigh Baseball15
SunKenmore Eastern Brewers01:45 pmCP-SL10
Mon@ Raynham Baseball Club10:00 amCL4L7
Tue@ Naturals10:00 amJB5L20
WedToledo McGuire Ins10:00 amPDC5L14
ThuPhiladelphia Gray Rocks10:00 amCL2W2
FriWilmington NC Thunder10:00 amCSP2L15
Livingston Dodgers24
Sun@ North Coast Nationals10:00 amJB4L6
MonBaltimore Baseball Club01:45 pmJB6W7
TuePhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amCL3L15
Wed@ Wilmington NC Thunder10:00 amJB-SW3
ThuMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amCL4L5
FriMichigan Stars10:00 amJB2L14
Maine Woods Baseball33
Sun@ Washington Titans10:00 amJB6L26
Mon@ Houston Colt .65s10:00 amJB2W3
TueMidwest Nine10:00 amPDC1W2
WedMBI Baseball01:45 pmCP-SL22
ThuLivingston Dodgers10:00 amCL4W3
FriASBA Indians10:00 amPDC1L13
MBI Baseball51
Sun@ Houston Colt .65s01:45 pmJB4W1
MonWashington Titans10:00 amJB1W8
TueCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amCL6W6
Wed@ Maine Woods Baseball01:45 pmCP-SW3
ThuMinnesota Bees10:00 amTP2W7
SatSacramento Solons10:00 amCL4L7
Michigan Stars43
Sun@ Nova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amTP4W8
MonTSP Fire10:00 amJB5L13
TueUSA Volkers Group10:00 amTP-SW5
Wed@ ASBA Indians10:00 amCL4W3
ThuDHBA Athletics10:00 amCL6L13
FriLivingston Dodgers10:00 amJB2W11
FriAsheville Sox01:30 pmJB5L8
Midwest Nine43
SunHouston Colt .65s10:00 amJB-SL4
MonWilmington NC Thunder10:00 amCL2W5
Tue@ Maine Woods Baseball10:00 amPDC1L8
Wed@ Raynham Baseball Club10:00 amPDC4W16
ThuPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amTP-SW8
FriNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amJB4W1
FriSan Antonio Texans01:30 pmJB2L15
Minnesota Bees62
SunSacramento Solons10:00 amCP-SW1
Mon@ Philadelphia Brewers10:00 amPDC5W1
Tue@ Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 amCL2W1
WedYoungstown Astros10:00 amTP2W4
ThuMBI Baseball10:00 amTP2L9
FriWashington Titans01:30 pmJB-SW1
SatVintages Baseball Club10:00 amCL6W8
SatSacramento Solons01:30 pmCL-SL7
Sun@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amTP-SW9
MonKenmore Eastern Brewers01:45 pmCL3W9
TueLehigh Baseball10:00 amJB5W9
Wed@ NorCal Antiques10:00 amCL3L26
ThuSan Antonio Texans10:00 amPDC5L13
FriAsheville Sox10:00 amJB1L3
NorCal Antiques34
Sun@ Kenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amPDC5W8
MonCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amJB6L11
Tue@ Washington Titans01:45 pmTP-SL13
WedNaturals10:00 amCL3W16
ThuNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amCL3L19
FriTallahassee Classics10:00 amCSP1W2
FriHouston Colt .65s01:30 pmCSP2L30
North Coast Nationals34
SunLivingston Dodgers10:00 amJB4W2
Mon@ DHBA Athletics10:00 amPDC4L21
TueWilmington NC Thunder10:00 amJB3L11
Wed@ Baltimore Baseball Club10:00 amTP-SL13
ThuTallahassee Classics10:00 amTP4W9
FriWilmington NC Thunder01:30 pmCSP3W8
SatPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amPDC3L19
Nova Scotia Monarchs33
SunMichigan Stars10:00 amTP4L17
Mon@ Philadelphia Gray Rocks01:45 pmJB5W10
TueTallahassee Classics10:00 amCL4W2
Wed@ TSP Fire01:45 pmTP-SL16
ThuNorCal Antiques10:00 amCL3W9
FriMidwest Nine10:00 amJB4L8
Philadelphia Brewers63
SunBaltimore Baseball Club10:00 amJB3W6
MonMinnesota Bees10:00 amPDC5L17
Tue@ Livingston Dodgers10:00 amCL3W12
Wed@ Sacramento Solons01:45 pmPDC2L13
ThuMidwest Nine10:00 amTP-SL13
FriSilver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amCSP3W3
FriKenmore Eastern Brewers01:30 pmCSP4W1
SatNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amPDC3W0
SatHouston Colt .65s01:30 pmPDC5W6
Philadelphia Gray Rocks06
Sun@ Vintages Baseball Club01:45 pmJB5L9
MonNova Scotia Monarchs01:45 pmJB5L12
TueSt. Louis Braves01:45 pmJB2L16
Wed@ Tallahassee Classics10:00 amCL-SL13
ThuLehigh Baseball10:00 amCL2L15
FriSt Louis Braves10:00 amCSP-SL15
Potomac Senators24
Thu@ Silver Foxes BBC of R.I.01:00 pmJB4W8
MonSan Antonio Texans10:00 amCL6L24
Tue@ Youngstown Astros10:00 amJB2L15
WedDHBA Athletics10:00 amCP-SW7
ThuToledo McGuire Insurance10:00 amJB6L17
FriCincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amCSP4L11
Raynham Baseball Club53
Sun @ Toledo McGuire Ins10:00 amTP3W3
MonLehigh Baseball10:00 amCL4W9
Tue@ Kenmore Eastern Brewers10:00 amTP4W14
WedMidwest Nine10:00 amPDC4L21
ThuVintages Baseball Club01:30 pmTP-SL8
FriTSP Fire10:00 amJB5W14
FriToledo McGuire Insurance01:30 pmJB4W0
SatAsheville Sox10:00 amTP2L7
Sacramento Solons61
Sun@ Minnesota Bees10:00 amCP-SL8
MonYoungstown Astros10:00 amPDC3W3
Tue@ San Antonio Texans10:00 amTP2W0
WedPhiladelphia Brewers01:45 pmPDC2W3
ThuASBA Indians10:00 amPDC4W3
SatMBI Baseball10:00 amCL4W2
SatMinnesota Bees01:30 pmCL-SW6
San Antonio Texans72
Sun@ Youngstown Astros01:45 pmJB-SL7
Mon@ Potomac Senators10:00 amCL6W8
TueSacramento Solons10:00 amTP2L10
WedSilver Foxes BBC of R.I.10:00 amTP3W3
ThuNaturals10:00 amPDC5W3
FriUSA Volkers Group10:00 amJB3W1
FriMidwest Nine01:30 pmJB2W9
SatASBA Indians10:00 amTP4W0
SatAsheville Sox01:30 pmTP-SW0
Silver Foxes BB Club of R. I.15
ThuPotomac Senators01:00 pmJB4L14
MonToledo McGuire Ins10:00 amCP-SW7
Tue@ DHBA Athletics10:00 amPDC3L15
Wed@ San Antonio Texans10:00 amTP3L11
ThuUSA Volkers Group10:00 amJB5L10
FriPhiladelphia Brewers10:00 amCSP3L7
St. Louis Braves34
SunKent Mudhens01:45 pmTP3W6
MonAsheville Sox10:00 amJB-SL15
Tue@ Philadelphia Gray Rocks01:45 pmJB2W6
Wed@ Vintages Baseball Club01:45 pmCL6L16
ThuYoungstown Astros10:00 amJB3L12
FriPhiladelphia Gray Rocks10:00 amCSP-SW10
FriCincinnati Colt .45s01:30 pmCSP5L14
Tallahassee Classics15
Sun@ TSP Fire10:00 amPDC2L7
MonVintages Baseball Club01:45 pmJB-SL10
Tue@ Nova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amCL4L13
WedPhiladelphia Gray Rocks10:00 amCL-SW7
ThuNorth Coast Nationals10:00 amTP4L15
FriNorCal Antiques10:00 amCSP1L15
Toledo McGuire Insurance34
SunRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amTP3L11
Mon@ Silver Foxes BBC of R.I.10:00 amCP-SL8
TueHouston Colt .65s10:00 amJB6L12
Wed@ Lehigh Baseball10:00 amPDC5W2
ThuPotomac Senators10:00 amJB6W13
FriDHBA Athletics10:00 amJB-SW4
FriRaynham Baseball Club01:30 pmJB4L10
TSP Fire33
Sun@ Tallahassee Classics10:00 amPDC2W3
Mon@ Michigan Stars10:00 amJB5W1
Tue@ ASBA Indians01:45 pmCP-SL13
WedNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amTP4W11
ThuWashington Titans10:00 amPDC3L20
FriRaynham Baseball Club10:00 amJB5L15
USA Volkers Group24
SunASBA Indians10:00 amCL4L8
MonKent Mudhens10:00 amJB3L8
Tue@ Michigan Stars10:00 amTP-SL8
Wed@ Asheville Sox10:00 amPDC3W6
ThuSilver Foxes of R. I.10:00 amJB5W3
FriSan Antonio Texans10:00 amJB3L2
Vintages Baseball Club51
SunPhiladelphia Gray Rocks01:45 pmJB5W0
Mon@ Tallahassee Classics01:45 pmJB-SW2
Wed@ Kent Mudhens10:00 amCL6W3
WedSt. Louis Braves01:45 pmCL6W3
ThuRaynham Baseball Club01:30 pmTP-SW5
SatMinnesota Bees10:00 amCL6L19
Washington Titans42
SunMaine Woods Baseball10:00 amJB6W4
Mon@ MBI Baseball10:00 amJB1L18
TueNorCal Antiques01:45 pmTP-SW0
Wed@ Cincinnati Colt .45s10:00 amCL2W0
ThuTSP Fire10:00 amPDC3W9
FriMinnesota Bees01:30 pmJB-SL7
Wilmington NC Thunder24
SunDHBA Athletics10:00 amPDC1L17
Mon@ Midwest Nine01:45 pmCL2L15
Tue@ North Coast Nationals10:00 amJB3W10
WedLivingston Dodgers10:00 amJB-SL21
FriLehigh Baseball10:00 amCSP2W8
FriNorth Coast Nationals01:30 pmCSP3L17
Youngstown Astros43
SunSan Antonio Texans01:45 pmJB-SW2
Mon@ Sacramento Solons10:00 amPDC3L13
TuePotomac Senators10:00 amJB2W5
Wed@ Minnesota Bees10:00 amTP2L19
ThuSt. Louis Braves10:00 amJB3W1
FriKent Mudhens10:00 amCP-SW1
FriASBA Indians01:30 pmPDC5L16

Roy Hobbs World Series Sponsors

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Casa Ybel Resort
2255 West Gulf Drive
Sanibel, FL 33957

Gulf Breeze Cottages
1081 Shell Basket Ln.
Sanibel Island, FL 33957

Lighthouse Resort Inn & Suites
1051 Fifth Ave.
Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931
239-463-9392 or (800) 778-7748

Drury Inn & Suites
9950 University Plaza Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33913

Sanibel Arms West
827 E. Gulf Dr.
Sanibel, FL 33957

Hampton Inn & Suites
4350 Executive Circle
Ft. Myers, FL 33916

Sun Palace Vacations
1750 Estero Blvd
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Lani Kai Island Resort
1400 Estero Blvd
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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