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Daily Schedules

* Denotes AAAA team     
Americans Baseball Club34
Sun@ Long Island Athletics10:00 amCSP1L6
SunBaltimore Thunder01:45 pmCSP-SL3
MonCuyahoga Indinas01:45 pmJB4L5
Tue@ Michigan Stars01:45 pmTP3W4
WedChicago Blues10:00 amJB2W3
FriAtlanta Astros09:30 amTP3W2
FriWright Field Reds04:30 pmTP2L7
Atlanta Astros33
Sun@ Carolina Thunder10:00 amCL3W6
SunOakville Golden A's01:45 pmCL2L10
MonNew Jersey Railriders05:30 pmCL-SL19
Tue@ Midwest Pirates01:45 pmPDC3W10
WedBaltimore Thunder01:45 pmJB5W2
FriAmericans Baseball Club09:30 amTP3L8
Aurora Islanders33
Sun@ New Jersey Railriders10:00 amCL2W4
SunStaten Island Bombers01:45 pmCL-SL18
MonOakville Golden A's01:45 pmJB2L11
Tue@ Pensacola Barracudas01:45 pmPDC5W8
WedBahama Breeze Islanders01:45 pmJB3W5
FriBaltimore Thunder09:30 amTP2L8
Bahama Breeze Islanders24
SunChicago Knights10:00 amCSP-SL8
Sun@ Cuyahoga Indians01:45 pmCSP2L8
Mon@ Minnesota Goats05:30 pmTP2W1
TueWright Field Reds01:45 pmJB1W13
WedAurora Islanders01:45 pmJB3L7
FriNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amCL2L5
Baltimore Thunder54
SunCuyahoga Indians10:00 amCSP3L10
Sun@ Americans Baseball Club01:45 pmCSP-SW2
Mon@ Chicago Knights01:45 pmPDC5L7
TueLong Island Athletics10:00 amCL1W4
WedAtlanta Astros01:45 pmJB5L3
FriAurora Islanders09:30 amTP2W0
FriCarolina Thunder04:30 pmTP3W3
SatWright Field Reds10:00 amJB4W4
SatSteel City Hawks01:30 pmJB1L9
Banana Sharks24
Tue@ Omaha Indians01:00 pmPDC2L6
Mon@ Steel City Hawks10:00 amCSP1L12
MonLansing Blue Jays01:45 pmCSP2L16
TueChicago Blues09:30 amCP-SW3
WedTuscaloosa Tornados10:00 amPDC2W7
FriTuscaloosa Tornados01:30 pmCL4L16
Bergen Yankees43
WedKennebec Cubs01:00 pmTP4W5
Mon@ Texas Stars10:00 amCSP3L14
MonOmaha Indians01:45 pmCSP-SW4
Tue@ St. Louis Patriots Red01:45 pmJB5L10
WedCarolina Thunder10:00 amTP4W4
FriCharlotte Kings01:00 pmTP3W2
FriSteel City Hawks04:30 pmTP-SL9
* Border City Brewers70
Tue@ Puerto Rico Orioles11:00 amJB1W4
Mon@ Massachusetts Chiefs01:45 pmTP4W4
MonSt. Louis Patriots Blue05:30 pmTP-SW14
TueSouth Dakota Rushmores01:45 pmCL3W6
ThuMinnesota Bees10:00 amJB2W1
FriSouth Dakota Rushmores01:30 pmCP-SW2
SatPuerto Rico Orioles01:30 pmJB-SW6
Boston GoodFellas33
Mon@ Bridgewater Cardinals05:30 pmTP3W5
MonCharlotte Kings01:45 pmCL6L15
Tue@ DuPage Indians10:00 amCSP1L18
TueOhio Indians01:45 pmCSP2W8
WedSouth Chicago Yaquis01:45 pmPDC1W10
FriCarolina Rockies01:00 pmTP-SL15
Bridgewater Cardinals06
MonBoston GoodFellas05:30 pmTP3L20
Mon@ Tuscaloosa Tornados01:45 pmCL2L10
Tue@ Nova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amCSP3L16
TueDuPage Indians01:45 pmCSP4L17
WedMinnesota Goats05:00 pmTP-SL20
FriRhode Island Waves01:30 pmCL1L12
Carolina Rockies43
Sun@ Rhode Island Waves01:45 pmTP-SW4
MonSalem/Pitt Warlocks10:00 amJB4W7
TuePSOF Rangers10:00 amJB4L15
Tue@ Chicago Giants01:45 pmJB6W9
Wed Summa Ortho Brewers01:45 pmPDC3L15
FriBoston GoodFellas01:00 pmTP-SW13
FriStaten Island Bombers04:30 pmTP4L12
Carolina Thunder34
SunAtlanta Astros10:00 amCL3L7
Sun@ Midwest Pirates01:45 pmCL4L17
MonPensacola Barracudas01:45 pmCL-SW1
Tue@ New Jersey Railriders01:45 pmTP4W5
WedBergen Yankees10:00 amTP4L12
FriMinnesota Bandits09:30 amTP-SW0
FriBaltimore Thunder04:30 pmTP3L12
Charlotte Kings24
SunTuscaloosa Tornados01:45 pmJB2W3
Mon@ Boston GoodFellas01:45 pmCL6W1
TueSouth Chicago Yaquis10:00 amCSP-SL4
Tue@ Minnesota Bandits01:45 pmCSP3L14
WedSt. Louis Patriots Red01:45 pmCL3L20
FriBergen Yankees01:00 pmTP3L12
Chicago Blues15
SunSt. Louis Patriots Red01:45 pmPDC4L21
Mon@ Lansing Blue Jays10:00 amCSP4L11
MonKodak Reds01:45 pmCSP1W2
Tue@ Banana Sharks09:30 amCP-SL15
WedAmericans Baseball Club10:00 amJB2L5
FriTuscaloosa Tornados10:00 amCL1L7
Chicago Giants35
SunOrlando Blazers10:00 amPDC4L10
Mon@ Huntsville Cardinals01:45 pmPDC1L12
Tue@ Rhode Island Waves10:00 amJB-SW6
TueCarolina Rockies01:45 pmJB6L15
WedSalem/Pitt Warlocks10:00 amJB3L7
FriKodak Reds01:30 pmCL2W4
FriLong Island Athletics05:30 pmCL-SW12
SatSt Louis Grays10:00 amJB5L12
Chicago Knights42
Sun@ Bahama Breeze Islanders10:00 amCSP-SW1
SunMinnesota Goats01:45 pmCSP1W0
MonBaltimore Thunder01:45 pmPDC5W2
Tue@ Cuyahoga Indians01:45 pmPDC4W9
WedHuntsville Cardinals01:45 pmPDC4L11
FriOrlando Blazers10:00 amCL4L13
Cuyahoga Indians42
Sun@ Baltimore Thunder10:00 amCSP3W7
SunBahama Breeze Islanders01:45 pmCSP2W7
Mon@ Americans Baseball Club01:45 pmJB4W2
TueChicago Knights01:45 pmPDC4L26
WedDuPage Indians01:45 pmJB-SW0
FriWindy City Warriors10:00 amPDC4L8
* DuPage Angels-Lugnuts44
Sun@ St. Louis Patriots Blue01:45 pmPDC5W1
Mon@ Sacramento Royals10:00 amPDC2L2
MonMinnesota Bees01:45 pmPDC4L12
TuePuerto Rico Orioles01:45 pmJB-SW16
ThuSouth Dakota Rushmores10:00 amJB4L7
ThuMinnesota Bees01:30 pmJB-SW8
FriSacramento Royals10:00 amCL-SW2
FriPuerto Rico Orioles01:30 pmCL-SL10
DuPage Indians24
Mon@ Ohio Indians05:30 pmTP4L16
MonNova Scotia Monarchs01:45 pmCL4L9
TueBoston GoodFellas10:00 amCSP1W8
Tue@ Bridgewater Cardinals01:45 pmCSP4W7
WedCuyahoga Indians01:45 pmJB-SL24
FriSt Louis Grays08:00 pmTP3L11
Huntsville Cardinals52
Tue@ St. Louis Grays05:00 pmCL-SW4
MonChicago Giants01:45 pmPDC1W2
TueSalem/Pitt Warlocks01:45 pmCL6W0
Tue@ Orlando Blazers05:30 pmCL-SL10
WedChicago Knights01:45 pmPDC4W1
FriSt Louis Patriots Blue10:00 amCL6W3
FriOrlando Blazers01:30 pmCL3L4
Kennebec Cubs15
Wed@ Bergen Yankees10:00 pmTP4L8
Mon@ Omaha Indians10:00 amCSP2L8
MonSteel City Hawks01:45 pmCSP3L8
TueTexas Stars05:30 pmTP-SL17
WedPensacola Barracudas02:00 pmTP4L10
FriMichigan Stars01:30 pmJB3W3
Kodak Reds15
Sun@ Texas Stars10:00 amJB5L19
MonSt. Louis Patriots Red10:00 amCSP-SL13
Mon@ Chicago Blues01:45 pmCSP1L4
TueLansing Blue Jays01:45 pmPDC1L10
WedRhode Island Waves10:00 amPDC1W6
FriChicago Giants01:30 pmCL2L14
Lansing Blue Jays42
TueSteel City Hawks05:30 pmTP4W5
MonChicago Blues10:00 amCSP4W0
Mon@ Banana Sharks01:45 pmCSP2W14
Tue@ Kodak Reds01:45 pmPDC1W3
WedPSOF Rangers01:45 pmCL-SL18
FriOakville Golden A's10:00 amPDC3L4
Long Island Athletics24
SunAmericans Baseball Club10:00 amCSP1W5
Sun@ Michigan Stars01:45 pmCSP4W3
MonWindy City Warriors10:00 amTP-SL6
Tue@ Baltimore Thunder10:00 amCL1L14
WedSt. Louis Patriots Blue01:45 pmTP2L16
FriChicago Giants05:30 pmCL-SL18
Massachusetts Chiefs63
Tue@ S Dakota Rushmores10:00 amJB1L10
Mon@ Puerto Rico Orioles10:00 amTP3L7
MonBorder City Brewers01:45 pmTP4L14
TueMinnesota Bees01:45 pmCL-SW8
WedNew Jersey Railriders01:45 pmTP3W2
FriTexas Stars10:00 amPDC2W6
FriOakville Golden A's01:30 pmPDC4W6
SatPSOF Rangers10:00 amPDC5W5
SatNova Scotia Monarchs01:30 pmCP-SW6
Michigan Stars06
Sun@ Windy City Warriors10:00 amCSP2L12
SunLong Island Athletics01:45 pmCSP4L22
Mon@ Wright Field Reds01:45 pmTP-SL8
TueAmericans Baseball Club01:45 pmTP3L6
WedSt. Louis Grays10:00 amJB6L10
FriKennebec Cubs01:30 pmJB3L14
Midwest Pirates24
Sun@ Oakville Golden A's10:00 amCL-SL11
SunCarolina Thunder01:45 pmCL4W3
Mon@ Staten Island Bombers01:45 pmJB1W3
TueAtlanta Astros01:45 pmPDC3L13
WedWright Field Reds01:45 pmJB6L9
FriWright Field Reds09:30 amTP4L5
Minnesota Bandits33
SunSouth Chicago Yaquis10:00 amPDC3W5
Mon@ Summa Ortho Brewers10:00 amCL-SL4
Tue@ Ohio Indians10:00 amCSP4W6
TueCharlotte Kings01:45 pmCSP3W9
WedOakville Golden A's01:45 pmPDC5L6
FriCarolina Thunder09:30 amTP-SL5
* Minnesota Bees15
TueSacramento Royals12:00 pmJB1L5
MonS Dakota Rushmores10:00 amPDC1L9
Mon@ DuPage Angels-Lugnuts01:45 pmPDC4W4
Tue@ Massachusetts Chiefs01:45 pmCL-SL9
ThuBorder City Brewers10:00 amJB2L10
ThuDuPage Angels-Lugnuts01:30 pmJB-SL12
Minnesota Goats15
SunWright Field Reds10:00 amCSP4L15
Sun@ Chicago Knights01:45 pmCSP1L8
MonBahama Breeze Islanders05:30 pmTP2L15
Tue@ Windy City Warriors01:45 pmCL2L15
WedBridgewater Cardinals05:00 pmTP-SW11
FriSt Louis Grays01:30 pmJB1L14
New Jersey Railriders24
SunAurora Islanders10:00 amCL2L7
Sun@ Pensacola Barracudas01:45 pmCL3W2
Mon@ Atlanta Astros05:30 pmCL-SW10
TueCarolina Thunder01:45 pmTP4L12
WedMassachusetts Chiefs01:45 pmTP3L12
FriOhio Indians01:30 pmJB6L14
Nova Scotia Monarchs81
TueSumma Ortho Brewers01:15 pmCSP-SW2
Mon@ DuPage Indians01:45 pmCL4W1
TueBridgewater Cardinals10:00 amCSP3W1
Tue@ Tuscaloosa Tornados01:45 pmCSP-SW6
WedWindy City Warriors01:45 pmJB2W1
FriBahama Breeze Islanders10:00 amCL2W4
FriOmaha Indians01:30 pmCL6W6
SatOrlando Blazers10:00 amPDC2W4
SatMassachusetts Chiefs01:30 pmCP-SL14
Oakville Golden A's52
SunMidwest Pirates10:00 amCL-SW3
Sun@ Atlanta Astros01:45 pmCL2W4
Mon@ Aurora Islanders01:45 pmJB2W1
TueStaten Island Bombers01:45 pmTP2L12
WedMinnesota Bandits01:45 pmPDC5W5
FriLansing Blue Jays10:00 amPDC3W2
FriMassachusetts Chiefs01:30 pmPDC4L10
Ohio Indians54
MonDuPage Indians05:30 pmTP4W5
Mon@ South Chicago Yaquis01:45 pmPDC3L7
TueMinnesota Bandits10:00 amCSP4L10
Tue@ Boston GoodFellas01:45 pmCSP2L21
WedSteel City Hawks05:00 pmCL-SL3
FriPensacola Barracudas10:00 amJB6W2
FriNew Jersey Railriders01:30 pmJB6W7
SatTuscaloosa Tornados10:00 amJB6W9
SatSt Louis Grays01:30 pmJB2W3
Omaha Indians52
TueBanana Sharks01:00 pmPDC2W5
MonKennebec Cubs10:00 amCSP2W7
Mon@ Bergen Yankees01:45 pmCSP-SL14
Tue@ Steel City Hawks01:45 pmPDC2W0
WedStaten Island Bombers01:45 pmCL4W5
FriSumma Ortho Brewers10:00 amCL3W3
FriNova Scotia Monarchs01:30 pmCL6L16
Orlando Blazers62
Sun@ Chicago Giants10:00 amPDC4W4
MonRhode Island Waves01:45 pmTP3W8
Tue@ St. Louis Grays01:45 pmCL4W4
TueHuntsville Cardinals05:30 pmCL-SW7
WedTexas Stars01:45 pmJB4L21
FriChicago Knights10:00 amCL4W2
FriHuntsville Cardinals01:30 pmCL3W1
SatNova Scotia Monarchs10:00 amPDC2L5
Pensacola Barracudas15
Sun@ Staten Island Bombers10:00 amCL6L19
SunNew Jersey Railriders01:45 pmCL3L12
Mon@ Carolina Thunder01:45 pmCL-SL11
TueAurora Islanders01:45 pmPDC5L9
WedKennebec Cubs02:00 pmTP4W6
FriOhio Indians10:00 amJB6L3
PSOF Rangers71
Sun@ Salem/Pitt Warlocks01:45 pmPDC2W0
MonSt. Louis Grays01:45 pmPDC2W2
Tue@ Carolina Rockies10:00 amJB4W13
TueRhode Island Waves01:45 pmJB3W3
WedLansing Blue Jays01:45 pmCL-SW8
FriSt Louis Patriots Red10:00 amPDC5W0
FriWindy City Warriors01:30 pmPDC3W1
SatMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 amPDC5L11
* Puerto Rico Orioles54
TueBorder City Brewers11:00 amJB1L9
MonMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 amTP3W6
Mon@ St. Louis Patriots Blue01:45 pmTP2W7
Tue@ Texas Stars01:45 pmJB-SL17
ThuSacramento Royals10:00 amJB1W3
ThuSouth Dakota Rushmores01:30 pmJB3L9
FriDuPage Angels-Lugnuts01:30 pmCL-SW4
SatSouth Dakota Rushmores10:00 amJB-SW4
SatBorder City Brewers01:30 pmJB-SL12
Rhode Island Waves15
SunCarolina Rockies01:45 pmTP-SL18
Mon@ Orlando Blazers01:45 pmTP3L18
TueChicago Giants10:00 amJB-SL14
Tue@ PSOF Rangers01:45 pmJB3L13
WedKodak Reds10:00 amPDC1L11
FriBridgewater Cardinals01:30 pmCL1W10
* Sacramento Royals33
Tue@ Minnesota Bees12:00 pmJB1W3
MonDuPage Angels-Lugnuts10:00 amPDC2W1
Mon@ S Dakota Rushmores01:45 pmCP-SW4
TueSt. Louis Patriots Blue01:45 pmJB4L11
ThuPuerto Rico Orioles10:00 amJB1L4
FriDuPage Angels-Lugnuts10:00 amCL-SL7
Salem/Pitt Warlocks24
SunPSOF Rangers01:45 pmPDC2L7
Mon@ Carolina Rockies10:00 amJB4L17
TueSt. Louis Grays10:00 amCL-SW5
Tue@ Huntsville Cardinals01:45 pmCL6L10
WedChicago Giants10:00 amJB3W5
FriStaten Island Bombers01:00 pmTP2L9
South Chicago Yaquis24
Sun@ Minnesota Bandits10:00 amPDC3L8
MonOhio Indians01:45 pmPDC3W1
Tue@ Charlotte Kings10:00 amCSP-SW2
TueSumma Ortho Brewers01:45 pmCSP1L12
WedBoston GoodFellas01:45 pmPDC1L18
FriSteel City Hawks01:00 pmTP4L7
* South Dakota Rushmores44
TueMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 amJB1W9
Mon@ Minnesota Bees10:00 amPDC1W3
MonSacramento Royals01:45 pmCP-SL5
Tue@ Border City Brewers01:45 pmCL3L13
ThuDuPage Angels-Lugnuts10:00 amJB4W3
ThuPuerto Rico Orioles01:30 pmJB3W3
FriBorder City Brewers01:30 pmCP-SL10
SatPuerto Rico Orioles10:00 amJB-SL10
St. Louis Grays45
TueHuntsville Cardinals05:00 pmCL-SL6
Mon@ PSOF Rangers01:45 pmPDC2L3
Tue@ Salem/Pitt Warlocks10:00 amCL-SL9
TueOrlando Blazers01:45 pmCL4L17
WedMichigan Stars10:00 amJB6W5
FriMinnesota Goats01:30 pmJB1W4
FriDuPage Indians08:00 pmTP3W5
SatChicago Giants10:00 amJB5W10
SatOhio Indians01:30 pmJB2L6
St. Louis Patriots Blue24
SunDuPage Angels-Lugnuts01:45 pmPDC5L5
MonPuerto Rico Orioles01:45 pmTP2L8
Mon@ Border City Brewers05:30 pmTP-SL25
Tue@ Sacramento Royals01:45 pmJB4W6
WedLong Island Athletics01:45 pmTP2W3
FriHuntsville Cardinals10:00 amCL6L5
St. Louis Patriots Red42
Sun@ Chicago Blues01:45 pmPDC4W8
Mon@ Kodak Reds10:00 amCSP-SW9
MonTexas Stars01:45 pmCSP4L14
TueBergen Yankees01:45 pmJB5W6
WedCharlotte Kings01:45 pmCL3W10
FriPSOF Rangers10:00 amPDC5L14
Staten Island Bombers53
SunPensacola Barracudas10:00 amCL6W9
Sun@ Aurora Islanders01:45 pmCL-SW3
MonMidwest Pirates01:45 pmJB1L4
Tue@ Oakville Golden A's01:45 pmTP2W3
WedOmaha Indians01:45 pmCL4L9
FriSalem/Pitt Warlocks01:00 pmTP2W7
FriCarolina Rockies04:30 pmTP4W10
SatSteel City Hawks10:00 amJB3L14
Steel City Hawks72
Tue@ Lansing Blue Jays05:30 pmTP4L8
MonBanana Sharks10:00 amCSP1W8
Mon@ Kennebec Cubs01:45 pmCSP3W5
TueOmaha Indians01:45 pmPDC2L10
WedOhio Indians05:00 pmCL-SW2
FriSouth Chicago Yaquis01:00 pmTP4W0
FriBergen Yankees04:30 pmTP-SW5
SatStaten Island Bombers10:00 amJB3W4
SatBaltimore Thunder01:45 pmJB1W7
Summa Ortho Brewers42
Tue@ Nova Scotia Monarchs01:15 pmCSP-SL3
MonMinnesota Bandits10:00 amCL-SW3
TueTuscaloosa Tornados10:00 amCSP2W5
Tue@ South Chicago Yaquis01:45 pmCSP1W5
WedCarolina Rockies01:45 pmPDC3W5
FriOmaha Indians10:00 amCL3L9
Texas Stars51
SunKodak Reds10:00 amJB5W8
MonBergen Yankees10:00 amCSP3W4
Mon@ St. Louis Patriots Red01:45 pmCSP4W6
Tue@ Kennebec Cubs05:30 pmTP-SW5
WedOrlando Blazers01:45 pmJB4W4
FriMassachusetts Chiefs10:00 amPDC2L11
Tuscaloosa Tornados35
Sun@ Charlotte Kings01:45 pmJB2L6
MonBridgewater Cardinals01:45 pmCL2W0
Tue@ Summa Ortho Brewers10:00 amCSP2L15
TueNova Scotia Monarchs01:45 pmCSP-SL25
WedBanana Sharks10:00 amPDC2L14
FriChicago Blues10:00 amCL1W2
FriBanana Sharks01:30 pmCL4W9
SatOhio Indians10:00 amJB6L14
Windy City Warriors52
SunMichigan Stars10:00 amCSP2W2
Sun@ Wright Field Reds01:45 pmCSP3W2
Mon@ Long Island Athletics10:00 amTP-SW5
TueMinnesota Goats01:45 pmCL2W5
WedNova Scotia Monarchs01:45 pmJB2L7
FriCuyahoga Indians10:00 amPDC4W7
FriPSOF Rangers01:30 pmPDC3L11
Wright Field Reds53
Sun@ Minnesota Goats10:00 amCSP4W1
SunWindy City Warriors01:45 pmCSP3L13
MonMichigan Stars01:45 pmTP-SW3
Tue@ Bahama Breeze Islanders01:45 pmJB1L17
WedMidwest Pirates01:45 pmJB6W3
FriMidwest Pirates09:30 amTP4W1
FriAmericans Baseball Club04:30 pmTP2W0
SatBaltimore Thunder10:00 amJB4L9

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Casa Ybel Resort
2255 West Gulf Drive
Sanibel, FL 33957

Gulf Breeze Cottages
1081 Shell Basket Ln.
Sanibel Island, FL 33957

Lighthouse Resort Inn & Suites
1051 Fifth Ave.
Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931
239-463-9392 or (800) 778-7748

Drury Inn & Suites
9950 University Plaza Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33913

Sanibel Arms West
827 E. Gulf Dr.
Sanibel, FL 33957

Hampton Inn & Suites
4350 Executive Circle
Ft. Myers, FL 33916

Sun Palace Vacations
1750 Estero Blvd
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Lani Kai Island Resort
1400 Estero Blvd
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

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