Sea Otter Baseball Festival

Age Divisions & Formats

Age divisions: 45+ Masters and 60+ Classics

Under Age: There are NO new underage players.

In 45s: Players who are 44 that played last year as an underage player will be grandfathered.

Format: Friday through Sunday: Play 4 games through Saturday afternoon.  The final game will be based on the standings after 4th game.  Match-ups #2@#1, #4@#3 and #6@#5 will play Sunday morning for a 5-game guarantee.

Team Max: 6 team maximum per division. Must have even number of teams.

Roster Max: 20 players. (Non-playing personnel, e.g. managers and coaches are included in the 20-person roster.)

Award: $300 in Roy Hobbs credits will be awarded to the team that wins each division.