Roy Hobbs Baseball Membership Basics

Insurance Program

The Roy Hobbs Insurance program provides an annual policy (January-January) with these limits: $2 million liability, $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate; no deductible. A secondary medical policy is included in this program. This insurance will cover up to 25 players on a team, and it is good wherever the team plays and in whatever event the team plays. Additional insured certificates are available for entities that want to be named on the certificate; there is an additional charge any certificates that require additional language.

Medical Insurance

The secondary medical insurance has a $10,000 benefit with a $100 deductible. It is part of the Insurance package, is not optional and cannot be purchased separately.

Insurance Process: Roy Hobbs operates as the conduit between the leagues and the insurance broker for both issuing the certificates and initiating claim services. All players are required to sign an insurance waiver prior to their first game, stating essentially, that they understand baseball is a sport where injuries happen, and they agree to follow the rules and guidelines in place. The form, a copy of which goes to us, gives us a record of the players ‘covered’ by the insurance program.

Insurance Cost: The complete insurance program is part of the annual Roy Hobbs membership package, which is $425 per team annually, or $355 per team with a 3-year commitment to Roy Hobbs membership. Additional insured certificates can be requested; special liability certificate language for municipalities incur additional charges.

Other Insurance: Roy Hobbs has a working agreement with a supplemental insurance company that provides secondary insurance and financial planning services. Once a year, the company mails a solicitation card to all registered members … there is no further contact by the company unless the recipient specifically responds to the card in the mail.

Tournament Participation

Roy Hobbs focuses on its annual World Series event in Fort Myers each Fall. Member teams receive a $1000+ discount off the posted price of $4850 as well as qualify for other discounts, which can lower the fee to the low $3000s.

In February, Roy Hobbs has its Sunshine Classic events centered around President’s Day. It is comprised of 5 3-4 day tournaments for different age groups, women and Family Ties a.k.a. Father-Son. With regard to regional events, Roy Hobbs is happy to assist leagues presenting regional tournaments, providing merchandise at cost and offering logistical support.

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