Gateway City Baseball Bash

Memorial Day Weekend

May 26 - 28, 2018 - St. Louis, MO/IL

Masters Division 45+ & Classics Division 60+

Check-in: We are working on setting up a reception at a restaurant or sports bar on Friday evening. Those who are in town by then can attend for some snack food and get their check-in taken care of. Those who don't make it there can still check-in during their first game, when one of our Roy Hobbs people approach you.

Format: Saturday through Monday: Play 2 games Saturday, 2 games Sunday and final game Monday morning (1v2, 3v4 & 5v6) for a 5-game guarantee.

Team Max: 6 team maximum. First 6 teams to post a NON-REFUNDABLE $250 deposit get the spots. Must have even numbers:

Roster Max: 20 players. (Non-playing personnel, e.g. managers and coaches are included in the 20-person roster.)

Under Age: No underage players. All players must be of age in the 2018 calendar year.

Fees: Email Roy Hobbs for fees.

Register your team here